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Titan Quest: Burning Torch

Titan Quest: Burning Torch is a modification for Titan Quest, that will add new tasks, locations, items and other new things to the game, that will influence gameplay. Get know about the story of ancient cities of Ellada`s dawn period. Dive into myths about brave and courageous heroes, horrible beasts and mad gods.

In Titan Quest: Burning Torch you`ll find out all the truth about events, that had happened hundreds of years before telhins appeared, which decided to set titans free from their`s place of cofinement, to take their revenge over gods and return their power back. Tough challenges, that are even beyond the capacity of gods have fallen on the mankind. And despite god`s attitute to mortals, still they need them.

Welcome to Ancient Greece! Welcome to fascinating world of gods, monsters and heroes! Halazy iroes!